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2 October 2009

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Business organizations are required to be diverse and globalized in the present era of aggressive competition and ever uncertain market scenarios. Hence, the need to revamp and reinvent their business strategies and promotional schemes is essentially required for them to reach out to their target customer base and stay connected. Creative advertising campaigns and strategies are professional designed and planned for greater exposure regarding their product or service and building greater brand and recall value amongst customers. LiveHelpNow 4.0 is an innovative chat application designed especially for business organizations wanting to stay connected with their customer base and build long term relations, besides catering to fresh enquiries from potential customers.

LiveHelpNow opens with a vibrant interface with the major options for chatting, ticketing and support system placed at the top panel. The bright green background is pleasing to the eyes and on the bottom left corner is displayed the chat browser. Any business having their own website must have the said device for greater proximity with customers and prospects, and clearing out any doubts whatsoever and will facilitate enhanced sales. The working of the software is immensely simple with requiring an individual website operator who answers the queries of customers without any delay and in a professional manner absolutely live. The software comes with visitor monitoring, and location and also sends out invites for a chat with the website operator in case the visitor wishes out. The human touch and response system with definitely garner maximum traffic to your website and will promise effectual results in terms of quality and quantity.

LiveHelpNow 4.0 certainly proves to be a promising tool for enhanced customer support for any kind of business and promises superlative performance through its features and gets a rating score of four points for its impressive functionality and optimizing sales.

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So you have visitors arrive to your site, it is an outstanding start, having them develop into shoppers is the goal which LiveHelnow tools help you achieve. These are hectic times and guests visiting your website crave to acquire knowledge instantly and efficiently. With Live Chat Tool utilized on a website the difficulty is solved as visitors may now reach out for assistance, initiate a chat conversation with website agent and promptly find help they are requiring. Website comes alive with chat, responses to customers' questions are sent without delay by website operators, guests are happy and company is happy too.
Thanks to Live Chat guests are now capable to talk live with website operators, have their inquiries answered without delay and profesionally. Life is fast, time is of the essence, live chat helps. When visitors to your website come to the point where they need to chat with a human being, when they want to interact with someone real, having live support available is the solution.
Live Chat Software adds that lost component to your website, the human touch. More importantly, a live chat adds sincerity to your site. Certainty and conviction is reached easier.
Live Chat System is not just live chat, it also comes with visitor monitoring, geo location and most importantly agent's ability to proactively engage the visitor by sending an invitation to live chat. The value of Live Chat System can be easily measured by running business intelligence tools such as LiveHelpNow analytics.
You may perhaps answer questions faster, obtain particulars from interested clients, give incentives, find feedback, and make customer happy.
With LiveHelpNow Live Chat, Ticket System and Support System (Knowledge base) Customer Service tools your business will become something more in the eyes of your customers, something that they wanted to see.
Give the intelligence of LiveHelpNow Customer Service Software to your business.
Version 4.0
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